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Year 6 Roles

Year 6 Roles and Responsibilities 2021-2022

House Captain/Vice House Captain: House Captains and Vice Captains encourage house members to do their best to gain house points. They also organise quizzes and other inter-house events as well as being responsible for updating the 'House Point Challenge'. Like all jobs, things will be a bit different this year, but I am sure that there will be lots of ideas for how houses can compete for the House Cup.

School Environment Team: This team will be responsible for helping the school improve the school environment. Projects might include reducing energy use, better recycling or making the outdoor environment a nicer place to be.

Global Team: This team will be looking at the impact of Climate Change. They will look at the big issues facing us such as deforestation in the Amazon and working with the school environment team to see what difference we can all make.

School Social Media Team: This team will help with articles and photographs for the school website and social media feeds. You will need to be able to work with teachers across the school and have good computer skills.

Librarians: The Library team help children to choose books and help adults with checking books out and restocking the shelves.

Fitness and Activity Team: As a member of this team you will have responsibility for encouraging activity and fitness across school. You might organise events and come up with ideas to encourage all of school to take part in activity to become fitter and healthier.

Inclusion Team: This team will be dedicated to helping our school make sure that everyone can be included in school life. You will work with Mrs Jones to look at what we need to change in school so that everyone can take part fully. You might think about the needs of children who speak different languages, those with a disability, or other groups.

Arts and Events Team: This team will have responsibility for organising events such as Ilchester’s Got Talent, helping out with school productions and for coming up with new ways for children to be creative at school.

Pupil Voice (School Improvement) Team: As a Year 6 member of this team you will be responsible for organising meetings with Mr Heath and children from other classes, coming up with ideas for how to make our school a better place.

Statistics Team: This team looks after the numbers! They have responsibility for Times Table Rockstars Leader boards, updating the house point challenge board and other figures in school!



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