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Welcome to Class 1

Welcome to Class 1 - Reception

Your child’s Class Teachers are Mrs McCurry and Mrs Slade.

The Learning Support Assistants are Mrs Yates and Mrs Holmes.


The children are welcome in school from 8.45am each day to complete an early morning task in the classroom. Parents are to drop off children at the where they will be met by a member of staff.  Registration is at 9.00 am.  The school day finishes at 3.15pm.

Children will be brought to the door for collection at 3.15pm and your child will be sent out when the teacher has seen you. Please do not collect directly from the classroom as it can cause congestion.

If your child is going to be collected by someone other than yourselves, you must inform the class teacher. Messages can also be given to the school office via phone or email.  Each class does have an ‘alternative home collection’ board in the classroom.  Please let the member of staff on the door know and they will pass the message on or if something crops up during the day please phone the school office and they will get a message to us.


Your child will need to bring a named water bottle to school each day to ensure they stay hydrated (please note that squash is only allowed at lunchtime). Milk will be given to the children if they are on the milk list (parents must sign up for this via Cool Milk). When the children turn 5 years old they will no longer be eligible for milk, unless parents choose to pay for it. Snacks are provided at school so the children don’t need to bring one with them.

Our class PE day is Tuesday.  Children should come to school dressed in their PE kit and school jumper/cardigan on the days that they have PE lessons.

Please ensure bookbags are in school every day.

If your child is prone to accidents please bring a spare set of clothes to keep on their peg, we do have some spare clothes but our supplies are limited.


Reception children will not be set formal homework tasks until the summer term.

Children are expected to read 5x each week for at least 10 minutes. Books are checked and changed weekly. School reading scheme books will be sent home on a Monday and collected in on a Friday. It is really important that these books are returned on a Friday as these books are needed by other children.  It is imperative that your child reads the book provided by school. This is to support both their decoding, prosody and comprehension skills. Reading for pleasure is also really important and we encourage your child to read other books of their own choosing.  To support this, children will have the opportunity to borrow a book from our school library.  Class 1’s library day is on a Thursday.

Please record home reading in the home/school reading record book.

100 Club – All children at Ilchester Community Primary School are given the opportunity to become members of the 100 Club.  All your child has to do is read or be read to 100 times outside of their regular reading time in school.  They can read library books, school books or home books.  When your child has read or been read to please sign the 100 Club record chart which is stuck in the front of their reading record. Your child will receive a badge once they have read 25 times (bronze), 50 times (silver) and 75 times (gold). Once the children have read 100 times they will be given a 100 Club badge and the opportunity to select a book from the 100 Club basket as a prize. All children will have the chance to be in the 100 Club multiple times.

E Safety

The safe use of the internet is a main priority in our school and it is our aim to provide children with knowledge and skills for them to use the internet safely.

Within school we will be teaching them about safe and appropriate use of the internet.

It is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure that children are using the internet in an appropriate manner at home.

We would expect our younger learners to only be using the internet with a responsible adult.  As they move through KS2 they will begin to use it more independently but always with an adult aware of what they are doing. 

The following website offers way in which to keep your children safe online:



Volunteers are very welcome in school. Opportunities range from reading with children, gardening, support on trips etc. If you are interested please speak to the class teacher or the school office.


The link between home and school is a vital one. Please do not hesitate to come and talk to us regarding your child and we will always arrange a time to talk. It is important that you make us aware of any changes at home e.g. medical, family circumstances etc so we can best support your child.

Extra information

All children should have a book bag for their reading book.  Please bring book bags to school each day and put them in their drawer.  It is important books are in every day in case we want to read with your child.

Don’t forget that there is lots of useful information on our school website https://ilchestercommunityprimary.com/

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