Year 6 attend Cool Aeronautics 2017 event

Year 6 have had a fantastic day working with engineering graduates from the Royal Aeronautical Society and Leonardo Helicopters!

We have faced the Heli-Drop Challenge where we have had to work in teams to develop the safest gyrocopter design to allow our teddy bear to survive a deathly emergency plummet. It was fun trialling the different rotar blade shapes and positions to find the best one!

We have also looked at aircraft wings, learning how the air moves across them to allow “lift”. We have designed and tested our own efficient aero foil wing models, testing them out for strength and endurance in a very scientific wind tunnel.

During the afternoon, we have learnt how drones can be engineered to help remote areas receive important medicines and watched a really cool drone flying display!

A big congratulations goes to the children in Team Mirage! They impressed the organisers for overall team work, designs and enthusiasm!

We all think that the day has been fantastic and some of us might like to become engineers in the future now!

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