School Uniform Update

Please see below for a further update to the school uniform plans for September 2018

13th August 2018

Dear Parents,
We write with an update concerning the school uniform, specifically the jumper and cardigan.
As detailed on the letter sent to all parents on the last day of term, the sample jumper provided was non-tumble dry and therefore not suitable. We recognise that the alternative which has now been made available has not been well received and indeed as a governing body, we do not feel that it is the right choice for our school.
As such a decision has been reached today by the governors to revert back to the existing sweatshirt and cardigan choices but with the new logo. All other uniform expectations remain as set out in the policy available on the school website which has been updated following the letter sent on the last day of term.
Please be reassured that if you have already purchased a new jumper or cardigan you will be able to exchange it at Schoolwear and More for a new sweatshirt / cardigan once they are available.  Any difference in cost will be refunded.
Clearly there will be a time delay in producing the new sweatshirts / cardigans and they may not be available for the start of term.  If this is the case parents have the option of utilising the existing uniform, sending their child in a plain blue sweatshirt / cardigan or purchasing a second hand jumper / cardigan from school. Second hand uniform will be available to purchase for children of all ages from the infant department on Friday 31st August from 4:00pm – 6:00pm and again after school on Monday 3rd September from 3:15pm.
We appreciate that this change hasn’t gone as smoothly as any of us would have hoped, but we as the governors are confident that this is the final decision and thank you for your patience.
Yours sincerely

NJ Heath Headteacher

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