School Council

Children from each class are voted in and become members of the School Council. They meet at least every half term to discuss ways to improve the school. Their main role is to be a spokesperson for the class and to share the information from the meetings.

15th July 2019 Junior School Meeting Notes

Present at meeting: Luca and Kayla (Class 6), Dallan and Casey (Class 7), Lilliane and Jacob (Class 8), Carmen-Angel and Caleb (Class 9) and Sdam and Karen (Class 10)

Dallan explained that the School Council will be present at the opening of the Tall Trees Park on Wednesday 17th July along with Mr Heath.

Mrs Jones asked everyone to reflect on the improvements to lunchtimes and the children gave the following responses:

The football goals are much better.

The children liked to use the ‘art and craft’ resources.

The playtimes have improved.

There are now more things to do.

Mrs Boeg is introducing more gymnastic activities.

There is more space at the top of the field now that the grass in that area has been cut.

Next steps the children would like to see:

Dancing to be established.

Gymnastic sessions in a small group which is supervised by an adult.

Chalk for the chalkboards.

A quiet area to be established.

Next term’s project idea:

Establishing a recycling initiative at especially at lunchtime and breaktime so that there is no rubbish on the field.