School Council

Children from each class are voted in and become members of the School Council. They meet at least every half term to discuss ways to improve the school. Their main role is to be a spokesperson for the class and to share the information from the meetings.

Autumn Term 2018

Having met for their first meeting of the Academic Year the Junior School Councillors discussed expected behaviour at School Council Meetings. This included the importance of listening to each other’s ideas and points of view.

The School Council is focussing on ‘Playtime’ for this term. Councillors have been tasked with going back to their classes to seek the thoughts and ideas of fellow pupils, asking what they like about playtimes and what they would like to see change or improve. At the next meeting all ideas will be discussed.

The Infant School Councillors will be chosen in the New Year and a couple of representatives from the Junior Department will be invited to discuss their experiences of starting on the School Council. Like the Junior children, the first focus will be on playtime/lunchtime.