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Art Exhibition

It has been lovely to see all the children’s artwork displayed in the exhibition.  The children really enjoyed finding their artwork and were proud of the work they had produced.  They were...
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Perfect pirates

We had a great day dressed as pirates! The children have had a go at being as quiet as they can to sneak passed the captain to get the treasure, they have had to swim onto the islands to get away...
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Art Club Portraits

Today the children in art club completed their portraits by adding in detail to their faces and a background.  They look amazing and all the children worked extremely hard to complete them.
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Wedding preparations.

This week we have been working hard making decorations for the royal wedding. The children have shown great problem solving and collaboration skills and shown they have lots of dertermination whilst...
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🎨Self Portraits

Art club have been working hard on there self portraits for the last two weeks.  They have really impressed themselves with their colour mixing, all the children started off with the primary colours...
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