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🥞 Pancakes!

Today the children in Class One and Two used a recipe to make pancakes.  They mixed all the ingredients together to make the batter and then cooked the pancakes.  The best bit of all was eating...
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Penguinpig and Monkeycow.

The children have been learning about how to stay safe on the internet.  They heard two different stories, the first was Monkeycow and this story explained to the children why they mustn’t...
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We took a moment during our outdoor learning today to enjoy the light snow shower. The children loved looking at the snow flakes and watching them melt.  
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A frosty morning

We went out this morning to spot the signs of frost. We found lots of glistening frost and ice.  
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Finding Treasures.

This Tuesday the children had to find different treasures, some had to be natural, some man made, some had to be found high up and some on the ground.  The children took these back to class and...
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