Ilchester Community Primary School follows procedures agreed with Somerset County Council.

In Year Admissions

Parents are advised to contact their preferred school/s direct in order to apply for a place. An application form will be sent out to Parents if they ring 0845 456 4038, or may be downloaded from the Somerset County Council website (link below):


All sections of the application form must be completed, signed and returned to the school. Parents may need to provide proof of address if the application is a result of a house move.

If the school has a place available within the Admission Number for the year group, the Headteacher will send out an offer letter to the parent.

If the school has no place available within the Admission Number of the Year Group, the School will contact the Local Authority. If the Local Authority agrees the admission over Admission Number, the School will be contacted and asked to send out an offer letter to the parent. If the Local Authority does not agree an admission, it will send the parent a refusal letter, an appeal form and information about other schools with places available.

Starting School

There is a national closing date of 15 January for all starting school applications. They can be made on-line or by completing a paper form. Outcomes will be sent by e-mail or letter on 16 April (or next working day) every year.

Full details in relation to Starting School Application may be found using the following link:


This policy will be reviewed in line with directive from Somerset County Council.